Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays from Brussels...

I'm back in Brussels again. I got here to the hotel not too long ago. Just the day before I was in Amsterdam. I think I need a break from international. Don't get me wrong, I love doing international, but I think the constant trips from summer until now has got my kids a lil' on edge... moreso my baby boy. When I'm home, he calls my name, "Mommy, Mommy..." like 50 times as if he's making sure I'm there with himin the house. I think he'll be feeling a lil' more reassured if he saw me in the mornings and at night.

Yesterday was such an emotional and moody day for me. I really miss my family... and have been feeling stressed lately. Must get rest now... voice is hoarse.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hello from Athens, Greece!

Hey all!

I've arrived on my inaugural trip to Athens. I was the "A." It is currently 11:40am as I blog to you from the street. (NY is 7 hours behind.) As oppsed to my usual routine of power napping then going out, I felt wide awake and decided to start the day by going out straight away... Not to mention it looks a tad bleak and I have no umbrella. I am not one to tempt mother nature.

As I walk down the street headed to Monastiraki,a shopping area, I am approached by several street beggars. While I don't speak Greek,some body gestures and signs are universally the same. I don't think a shabbily dressed person holding an empty cup before you means that they'd like coffee. What disturbs me more are two little girls sitting about three feet apart from each other. They appear to be no more than 3-4 years old. Positioned on their knees with cups before them, they are begging. Where is their mother? I want to find her and give her "two lash in her tail!" How come these kids aren't in school? Why must they perpetuate this legacy of begging rather than going to school and making something of themselves? Anyhow, I've arrived at my destination. I'm just a lil' peeved that I went to church this weekend and left my camera in Papa's baby bag. Sounds like Athens has not heard the last of me yet!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Bonjour, Toute le monde!

Diva's back in Paris. This time I was very good. I awoke much, much earlier from my "nap" than I did the last time. As you may or may not recall, I was in Paris last I believe on the 28th or 29th of last month. It was cold and rainy and I think I told you "mi come in like puss.. mi fraid wata..." in reality, it's the wearing of wet clothes while it's cold that I don't like. This go 'round, I awoke at 4pm local time and ventured out. I decided to go to Azzedine Alaia's spot that sells his stuff at 50% off. This is the placed that I had always dreamed of going back in the day before I had any kids... you know the deal, flat abs no flab... now after two kids, his designs ain't gonna have no love for my body. LOL! I went nonetheless as everything can't possibly be figure conscious and he does shoes as well. Got there before the shop closed, but I wasn't looking to spend the kind of money that they were asking for. I ventured on to an area that sold wholesale goods. I picked up a few vintagey looking handbags to give as Christmas gifts. The next stop was the department store BHV. While I've passed it before, I never actually went in. They had a nice assortment of goods. I was a good girl and bought nothing. I hopped on the metro again and headed to the Champs-Elysees. The Champs-Elysees was soooo beautiful. It had lots of holiday light going right down... soooo festive. It gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I popped into Promod to see what sort of goods they offered. After a quick once around, I left and headed to Sephora. Now, I had vowed not to buy anything any more from this Sephora as the dollar is so weak to the euro that it doesn't make sense. Why would I buy Christian Dior Diorshow mascara for 23 euro when I can purchase it for $23 US. Make sense? The euro is almost 1.5 times the US dollar. Makeup addict that I am, I did walk around. I had the nerve to have on my video recorder taping randomly. I'll upload it when I return to the States. What I did end up getting, as I do have one of those Sephora VIP cards issued to me from this Paris branch of Sephora, was a gift set of French perfume. I once upon a time wanted "Eau de Soir" and was going to purchase it in NY. I found it to be expensive and very heavy. I've also read that fragrances in France are made differently than their American counterparts... then again, this is a fragrance made in France. I took the tester and sprayed myself, then for whatever the reason, instantly felt french. Then the Sisley manager made a deal I couldn't refuse. They were selling the sets for maybe a euro more than the single fragrance. My set included a 1oz spray and shower gel. She threw in 3 mini bottles as I love collecting mini bottles (that alone had me sold as I've seen those selling for at least $15-$20 US) and tons of skincare samples. OK. It was a deal. I had my Sephora card on me and it also had an offer for a free eye contour lifting sample. OK, cool, but then the girl put is soooo much "swag" in my bag! I've been toying with Prada's new fragrance Infusion d'Iris Eau de Parfum but once again, wasn't ready to put out the money as I've been spendingt money on high end fragrances and need to slow it down. Sephora gave me at least 3 of those samples and a plethora of other items that I need to look at again as the goodies are in my hotel room and I'm in the crew lounge. I felt that my purchase was more than compensated. From here, I headed to Monoprix. I usually shop the one by my hotel, but I feared at the rate I was going, it would be closed by time I got back. I bought some soaps by Le Petit Marseillais. This is the one that I have in my rollerboard. It's supposed to be hydrating and doesn't leave me feeling dry. I also have this one. This is a HUMONGOUS bar and I have yet to get a soap dish to fit it. In addition to that, I needed to replenish my sunblock. This brown girl swears by sunblock. Skin protection helps keeps the skin youthful! I got La Roche-Posay's Anthelios W SPF 40 Sunblock gel. I figured I'd get this so I can use it here and in hotter climates like Jamaica and Ghana.... yeah, planning ahead! LOL! I've noticed that my branch of Duane Reade near my house is carrying a couple of these cosmeceutical skincares lines and I'm happy to say it was cheaper here than what I'm seeing online. I got mine for 17 euros and change. Here is the entire Anthelios line. I might try the Anthelios XL next. That' s what I originally went for, but decided to try the Antelios W. OK, off to my room I go... will post videos and pics later. I know several entries are missing pics.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bags, Bags, Bags...

I've never been one totally infatuated with bags, although I love me some shoes. I'm getting into bags though. I came across a sample sale for a company called Hayden-Harnett. I went to the physical sale today and did score two bags. One was the Hudson Hobo in Vachetta, which is a light tan and the other was Thalia Drawstring Bucket in Chalk which is white. This sale continues over the weekend!

Here are my pics!

Hudson Hobo in Vachetta

Thalia Drawstring Bucket in Chalk

Pray for me, ya'll! I live in NYC and this is my first white bag!

The Hudson Hobo is a BIG and BOLD bag. Not for the timid!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Well, I had a 49 hour layover in Bucharest. Let's just say that this isn't one of my favorite European countries. I am on the crew bus headed to the airport to return home. I'm the "A" FA and will be the entire month. What I will say is that this is the layover to come if you need complete rest. However, I found myself having a harf time falling asleep the 1st night we were there. Ambien and all, I fell asleep sometime after 6am local time. They are 7 hours ahead of EST. Then again, I didn't mention that once we landed, I hung out in a FA's room with the Cpt until about 1pm local time.By the time I got back to my room and slept, it was after 1pm which reulted in me waking up at 8pm or so local time. YIKES! I called my "B" and asked if she was awake. She was like "yeah! Come on over." I got dresses and went to her room and there were the 3 pilots and 4 other FAs. Mind you, this is a crew of 8 FAs and 3 pilots. They already came from eating dinner, so I ordered room service. Figured they couldn't go wrong w/lasagna al forno.Let's just say I didn't enjoy it. Anyhow, I'll continue later as I'm at the airport.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holiday Shopping...

No sooner than we've eaten our Thanksgiving turkey, it's time to do the holiday shopping.
Me personally, I'm on a financial "diet", so I won't be spending a lot over the holidays other than on my two brats. For really close friends, I thought about getting magazine subscriptions. I as a makeup artist am always perusing fashion magazines to stay current on the looks or just to be inspired. You KNOW I am the bargain queen and will always be on the lookout for the absolute cheapest price... this is what I came up with.
Allure magazine... one of my first favorite beauty magazines... I have the first few issues!!!
$5.95!!! Elle, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue and Vibe are also $5.95 at this site too!

Then there's good ole' Essence. I have a business, so I get to use a professional service, but to tell you the truth, I don't think they check. I get a subscription for $12/year and there's InStyle as well... I like their beauty section as well... same site $15/year. Doesn't get cheaper than that!

Can you tell I have TOO MANY magazines coming to my house? With the holidays around the corner, you may have it on your list to Shape up for the New Year... Shape magazine... $3.46 (yup, I said it!) for a year subscription You can get a 2 year subscription for $6.94 if you use code DCMPS25D

Enjoy and happy holiday gift hunting!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oh, Pooo....

Well, I anticipated being in Ghana, Africa today. Yesterday was to be my first trip to Africa. However, this nasal/sinus congestion I've not been able to battle for the past month or so. I went to the doctor November 2nd, got a presription for antibiotics, but they didn't do squat for whatever is going on. Yesterday I had a second visit and was referred to an Eye Ear and Throat doctor... Otolaryngologist. Good heavens! Did I spell it right? He decided NO FLYING FOR A WEEK. Looks like the motherland will have to wait.... sigh.

As you know, it's not strictly all about the flying with me, I love baking, designing cakes, doing makeup.... maybe I could expound on those topics. OK, on to beauty we go... this Diva loves the look of expensive things, but doesn't like to pay expensive prices! That being said, I LOVE a sale. I'll share those when I find it. Did you know that a subscriber to LUCKY magazine you could get cashback using shopping links via their site LUCKYMAGREWARDS?
That being said, if you love Sephora, they are currently having their friends and family sale which entitles you to 20% off your purchase! If you shop the friends and family sale via the LUCKY link, you get cash back as well... about 6% back on purchase. Either way you decide to shop, use code FF2007. Don't go for the Holiday Sampler bag as I was told it was rubbish.

So, what's your game plan for the Black Friday sales? Here's a site with listing of stores with who's selling what on sale so you can take advantage of actually getting that Christmas shopping done early. Black Friday Listing

Well, time for me to get back to my "bedrest".... I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Helloooo, Lover!

Guess who's back in Paris? Yeees, Dahling! I was supposed to back to Brussels, but when I signed in for a trip, a girlfriend of mine who also flies the leadership position was headed to Paris. I was like, "You should give me that Paris! I'm headed to Brussels." Turns out that she LOVES Brussels and was like, "Wanna swap?" That's exactly what we did. So, here I am on the crew bus on my way to the hotel. I am reaaalllly pooped. We had a four hour delay due to a security breech at the airport. Some idiot decided he was entering the terminal through one of the exits thus bypassing security. Terminal 2&3 were shut down.Police searched the planes for the culprit as some of the passengers were already boarded. When that proved futile, the two terminals were emptied of both employees and passengers and everyone had to be rescreened, with the exception of the passengers and crew already aboard the aircraft. Ladies and gentlemen, these are your tax dollars hard at work. All I know is that I didn't want to be in his position if he was caught... And believe it or not, he was. It didn't help that I went to work tired, suffering with the worst migraine that jarred me from my sleep around 6am. I vowed to nap at some point during the day before leaving for the airport, but it just didn't work out. Well, imma take a snooze now. Not at the hotel yet, but every little bit helps.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Hey Ya'lll....
I'm in Brussels. I can't make another long winded post as I am in the lobby awaiting crew pickup. Yesterday I had a nice day in Brussels, albeit a "nippy" day. I really needed a coat and some gloves. Because I was in "Aux Bruxelles", I decided to try a Belgian waffle... topped with melted chocolate. Yum! It was veeeeery rich. I'm feeling a bit rushed at the moment. I plan on going to the crew duty free. I hear the prices aren't too bad. That will have to be determined. I want to get some Longchamps bags. Ciao for now... or should I say "Au revoir"... French and Dutch is spoken here... I think they speak "Flemish" too! Don't ask me, I don't know what that is! That's why we have google! LOL!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I am in Brussels. I just wrote a long winded post. I don't know what this stupid hotel computer did, but it's gone! UGH!!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Goodbye, my Love... sigh

Here I am in my hotel room. I'm looking out the window from the 24th floor. Paris is laid out before me, Blackberry in hand.At 10am (Paris time, 4am NY time), my heart feels nostalgic and a tad heavy. This is my last assigned trip to Paris. The bid results for November were released and there were no international trips to be found. GASP! "Not even the London-Gatwicks that I hastily take off my schedule? Not even a Dublin?" It seems my international wings have been clipped. Speaking with my other colleagues, it seems we are all in the same predicament. It's my guess that one of two things happened. Either they reduced the amount of trips or the "senior mamas and papas" are back from their summer sabbaticals. It's probably a combination of both. I've gotten so accustomed to Paris, that I'd take a 6 hour nap once hitting the hotel room, then mozy out. Not today, 3 hours, tops. It's like an old friend that you've taken for granted, then you realize how much you'll miss them when they tell you they're moving away. When I get up, I plan to go out and soak it all in. I console myself knowing that this isn't to say I won't be back, 'cause there are flight attendants always willing to give trips away, so I will always have the ability to pick up Paris as well as other destinations. More than likely I will be forced back into international when summer comes 'round again.

I was the In-Flight Leader on this trip, also called the OBL. While it's not the 1st time I've flown it, I was the most comfortable on this trip. What does being the Int'l OBL mean? When poop hits the fan and they want the person in charge, that would be you! You're the head flight attendant. You're responsible for your crew, the paperwork as it pertains to entering a foreign country, such as liquor, customs, immigration, etc. I have always undertaken positions of leadership no matter what my career, so I guess it comes naturally. It must be the Leo in me. Well, I must nap now as my "old friend" awaits! Au revoir!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Parisian Goodies!

Seems like I did a little more shopping in Paris on my 3rd visit. I simply LOVE charms and on a visit to Printemps, I spotted a counter selling Thomas Sabo charms. They are soooo adorable. Tons of charms and they clip onto a charm bracelet and even pendants. They can be put on and taken off as you please. I was sold.
I have a Tiffany bracelet that I have added my own charms to prior to them selling their charms at a ridiculous price of $125 a charm. Heck! I bought my bracelet for that price when I first got it back in the day. I think it now retails for $185.
From the top where it reads "Thomas": tan enamel slingback stiletto, matching tan enamel bag, Eiffel Tower, an airplane, plaque that reads "Je ne regrette rien" which means "I don't regret anything" in French (didn't know I spoke french, did you? LOL!), then there's the star that says "Glam Girl", then another plaque that has "Mama" in different languages with a little boy and girl on it with hearts, a shopping bag that says "Shopping Victim", a red stiletto and a shoe box that says "My Favorite Shoes."

The box with "My Favorite Shoes".... when you open the box... SURPRISE!

A tiny pair of shoes!

...and what's a visit to Paris without bon bons? Chocolates from Fauchon...

Well, off to work on those pics from Milan and Rome...

This is the face of chocolate!

Hey all!

I am trying to get back on the bandwagon of consistent blogging. It's been thwarted by me not remembering my password to access my account for remote blogging as well as taking forever to upload the pics from my digicam. While reading is cool, I think looking at pictures paint more than a thousand words. Let's begin...

My first trip to Paris, France was September 18, 2007. I somehow feel that I connect to this city most out of the European countries that I've been to. The people, the fashion... the whole vibe... it draws me in. My soul is at peace here... maybe I even feel a tad more chic??? LOL! I don't know what sort of pheromones I was emitting on this trip, but the men were on it, doggonit!!! The funny thing is that they were all caucasian!!! ...from the Americans on the plane going over and coming, to the "frenchmen" on the streets of Paris. The line on the flight (used by two different gentlemen) is, "Have you seen 'Hairspray?' They say once you taste chocolate, you never go back!" Hmmm... so this is the face of "chocolate!" I would be in the galley trying to do my work and they'd come back and "entertain" me. The other male flight attendant was like, "I don't know what you 'turned on", but you better flip the switch and turn it off!" I shot him the look of "Don't you dare leave me in the galley here by myself!" Tell you one thing, I won't EVA starve in Paris, France! That's fo' sho'! LOL!

We arrived sometime after 7am Paris time. Paris is six hours ahead of New York. I decided before venturing out to take a nap. Three hours later, I was up and dressed. I headed to the metro... Paris' version of NY's subway and decided to buy an all day pass as it was rainy. I took the train all the way to Champs Elysees and then walked all over Paris. Chile, I was thinking that the Sephora in Paris would be cheaper as they originated there, but no such luck! However, I bought this pretty blue liquid liner by Bourjois. To tell you the truth, Monoprix sells Bourjois cheaper. Monoprix which is a type of store that sells clothing and groceries. Sephora out there carries a lot of high end cosmetics that we would normally find at our high end department stores in the States like Neimans and Bergdorfs. Some examples are Laura Mercier, By Terry, Black Up, to name a few. Heck! They even carry MAC! There was so much to see and take in. I felt so.... alive. By the time I made my way to Galleries Lafayette, they were closing. Printemps which was next door was closing too! Boooo! I ended up taking the metro back to the hotel. (Shoulda just bought a round trip!) I went to get me some groceries at the Monoprix by the hotel... and back to my hotel I went. It was a nice first visit, but I already knew I was coming right back in a few days.. just had to scout out the territory.

Here are the remaining pics of my first of many visits.

My First Trip to Paris Pics

Wanna feel like you're really there? Peep the videos!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I've had so many posts to catch up on, but me being an airhead, totally forgot the darn password to get into my Blogspot account!!!!! ARGH! Will catch you up later! I've just returned from Milan.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blackberry Blogging

Here I sit int the lobby of my building awaiting the return of my son on his school bus. This morning there was weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I have to apologize for the great gap in entries. It's just that I've become somewhat of an international queen and have become totally disconnected from my world...or so I feel. I did London, then had a day of. I went to Rome and then the very next day I returned was off to Milan. I had a day off, then back to London. Meanwhile, my son ended up being in Dallas for 3 weeks, which was longer than I expected. My Sprint Treo had no service whatsoever, so I decided to switch to a World Edition Blackberry. I can send emails and browse the web internationally with my international data plan. Texts will cost 15 cents a text for both sended and receiver, so I advise people to email me if they must reach me. Anywho, we'll see if technology will help my cause. Stay tuned.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

How could I forget!!!??? Next year is the BIG one!!! HooooOOOOO!!!!!! Let's have cake!

The Lace Revolution is being publicized!

I have to laugh when girls go out of their way to remove fliers and adverts for lace wigs. Have they not looked in the back of their latest black haircare magazines? When I was in London week before last at WHSmith's magazine stand, I looked in the back of Black Beauty and Hair and saw loads of adverts... all tooting natural hairlines. Some even called it a "lace weave".... they even advertised "Black American" style weaving and hair... obviously black Americans have access to the "good" hair.... lawdie! I remember my aunt who lives in London saying to me that they used to look to the Black Americans who could really do their makeup nicely. I just think it's funny, is all! Even here in the states, Hype Hair had articles on it and adverts in the back. WOW! The revolution is going all the way LIVE!!!!

My trip to India...

Sunday evening I left for Mumbai... a working trip with Delta. Mumbai/Bombay... technically the same place. The thought of going to a new destination was exciting, but the amount of time on the plane daunting. Fifteen hours going over and sixteen hours coming back. I told the crew that I was a "virgin" and to break me in gently... LOL! When I got to the flight attendant lounge, I realized that I left my makeup bag home. All I had was face powder, black eyeliner and lipgloss. Oh well! I worked coach both ways... I knew that I had a mission once I got to Mumbai... I had to get my prescription drugs... they are much cheaper over there. I was too angry at my Duane Reade pharmacy when my co-pay for my Advair asthma meds was $50. I paid $25 in the pharmacy in Mumbai... and furthermore didn't need a prescription. I got Elidel cream and Zyrtec syrup for my son at such a nominal fee... all meds that I had to refill for him here. All I can say is that the pharmaceutical businesses here in the US are making a killing!

On the way back home, we had to divert to Newark airport for fuel because we had been in a holding pattern for so long looking to get clearance from Kennedy airport here in NY, but due to the horrible weather, not possible. Quite a number of passengers, mostly young males, were headed to the States to do their Masters studies... engineering, the majority. They were going to school all over... Iowa, Alabama, Texas... they had m
e chuckling. The other flight attendant and I were giving them tips to "life" in the US. I asked them if they weren't going to have arranged marriages. They said yes, although some didn't know who their spouse would be. I told them to save themselves and the girls heartaches by not getting seriously involved, only to return to India to marry someone else. This other guy was talking to me... quite Americanized... saying he was happy to be leaving Mumbai because he had to use so many products in his hair to tame it. (It was monsoon season there, so it was VERY humid and rained constantly)He said it would get big like an afro, which I took to mean frizzy. I told him "I know EXACTLY" what you mean, as I wore "Naomi" down and it started to get frizzy. You'll see what I mean in the pic below. I had to laugh when I say some of those Indian guys looking at me and smiling... probably thought I was a "darkie." I got that word from overhearing another one use it. HUMPH! I think I had objection to the word, to be quite frank. When I was on my way back home going through security in India... I saw a security girl that was like 5 shades darker than me with shiny, jet black hair pulled up. She coulda been my sister... my hair pinned up and all. I didn't really do too much in India as the rain was a big deterrent. The downpours had me soaking wet!!! UGH! I hate walking around in wet clothes. I will tell you this... this country from what I saw was poor. It's either you have it or you don't. Loads of people sleeping in the street... the buildings were like... I'll let you be the judge from the pic...

In front of the hotel...

The view from my window....

OK... forgot to give you the joke. I was working in the back with these two male flight attendants, both white, and one asked me if this was all my hair. Once again, I clutched my imaginary pearls and shrieked... he was gay, so he should have understood. LOL! He's like, "I know it's not a wig, because I see your scalp and it's flat on your head." I toss my head back in true drag queen fashion and asked, "Do you do drag? Do you want me to hook you up with some hair? If not, I can't divulge secrets. You NEVER ask a woman about her hair!" The other guy wasn't around during this conversation, but he was an older guy and my eagle eyes knew he was wearing a lace piece as hair replacement.... I told him about my conversation with his co-worker in regards to my hair. He was like, "He asked you that?" I told him that I sold lace wigs and do wear them,etc. He said he had a friend in the business who wanted him to invest and go in with him, but he didn't. I didn't come out and ask him about his own hair, because I just didn't need to. Then we started joking with each other... "Your lace is showing!" This meaning that you were acting up or acting an ass. We kept going back and forth... he was like, "You left some of your lace on the side of the sink in the lav!" OK, how would he know that if he wasn't a wearer? I would go to him, "I've got urgent news for you..." "What?" he'd reply.... "Your lace is showing!" It was funny! Names will not be mentioned to protect the innocent!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Why don't you just wear your own hair???

For me personally, this has got to be the most annoying question. Either my hair is always in a bun or I wear "phony ponies", wigs, hairpieces, etc. When I do wear my hair down, it's like, "Why don't you just wear your own hair?" I have several reasons:

1) I'm into healthy haircare, so that means no excessive heat, no coloring, nor excessive perming.
2) Versatility... I can wear different c
olors and textures without damaging my own hair
3) It's a form of protective styling for me....

Here are some of my pics without any additions...

I used to like to wear my hair braided, but I keep getti
ng major tangles. I go a good while in between relaxing (can we say 4+ months at a time!), so you better believe the poor hairdresser works hard for her money. As you can see, I'm repping for the Shaka Zulu tribe.. type 4a/4b... ain't no water wave hair up in hurrrr! LOL!

Before relaxer..... after relaxer and trim...

This is my favorite back shot... it has been my avatar on many haircare forums. This was taken November 2004.

This is the longest my hair has ever been December 2004. I really dropped off the meticulous haircare bandwagon...

My "pickney" moment!

I've done the "big chop" twice... back in the early 90s...1994 & 1996, to be exact.

All this to say... not all people that wear "fake" hair are bald... nor do they hate the texture of their hair... I love mine so much, that I want to protect it. As India Arie sings, "I am NOT my hair." My bachelor's degree had concentrations in Biology, Sociology and African Studies, so I don't need anyone to tell me about the socio-economic/ psychological impact of black women and their hair. Why do I wear "fake" hair? Because I WANT to... it's the freedom of choice that we are afforded living here in the good ole' USA.

Backing up a little... June 29- July 2, 2007

I had to back it up a tad to share some funny stories. OK, so I had to go to my brother-in-law's wedding in Jamaica. A lot of folks say the bride and I favor. Anyhow, I did her hair and makeup. The wedding took place at Sandals Negril and boy, was it hot and humid. Seeing like how I was wearing my lace wig that I've lovingly nicknamed "Naomi", I had to be sure ole' girl was in place! I used the Graftobian Spirit Gum as recommended by my girlfriend who also wears them as she faired well in hot weather with it. It held it just fine... no sliding. The bride's own hair is long, so my 22" Naomi made us look even more like sisters. The bride's girlfriends asked if I put in a couple of "pieces" as my hair own hair is a couple inches shy of my brastrap. I told them it was actually a wig and they were amazed and proceeded to get "up close and personal." I didn't mind. Why did one of the male workers come out and ask me "Miss, is that ALL of your hair?" I feigned dramatic "drag queen" shock and squealed while "clutching my imaginary pearls"... "Ohhhhh! You NEVER ask a woman if that's their real hair... that's like asking a woman her age... or if all her breasts are hers or if she's wearing a padded bra... or like a woman asking you if that's ALL you or do you stuff your underpants with socks!" He assured me, "It's all me!" to which I responded "I didn't ask you that, so that's not the point! It's the fact that someone would actually ask!" "I didn't mean to offend, but just wanted to say that your hair looks so pretty." "Thanks for the compliment!" I said as I moved on.... I did a wet spiral are pics. What I did learn my hasty wash and set that was done in Jamaica is that I should keep the rollers lower and not too high up on the head as it creates too much volume on the top and makes it look a tad wiggy, in my opinion. Can I tell you this? After a weekend in the hot, Jamaican sun... you can only imagine what my tan line looked like around my hairline... it did make future applications easier for the next few weeks as I knew EXACTLY where to put adhesive... LOL!
Here is the bride and I after a long hot and humid day.

These were the shoes worn for the special occasion... my Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby... this is the pair that was stolen from Carrie Bradshaw when she went to a baby shower on my favorite TV show "Sex and the City". The handbag is by
Faith and was bought on a layover in London. The grass was not kind to my babies as they continuously sunk in the grass. I quickly changed outta these bad boys into beach shoes!


Hello Friends and Fellow Divas...

This is the site where I will share my mental vomit. Sorry for being so explicit, but I wasn't sure how else to put it. So much is going on in my life, but I know there are a few that would truly understand. I am a Delta flight attendant that truly enjoys her job and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I also freelance as a makeup artist... fashion and beauty are my passion. Good skin is a must, so I do have my esthetics license. Lace wigs are also a love and I feel privileged to offer them for sale as they offer change for the average woman and hope to those suffering with real hairloss issues. Did I also mention that I am a cake designer? Artistic abilities seem to be in my blood and I'm one of those Jamaicans wit 50 jobs. LOL! Anyhow, I invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.