Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Has it REALLY been that long?

My word! My last post was in December 2008! How time has flown. I'm dusting off the old blog. It's long overdue.

Well, let's get to it! I'm currently on a personal leave of absence, so not much to report on the lines of working travel. However, I am happy to announce that I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on December 7th, 2009. While I'm home, I am working on my makeup portfolio and doing beauty tutorials on youtube. Feel free to check out my channel and subscribe! Here is the url: Welcome2DivasWorld

Here's a preview:

If you recall, in 2008 I was too happy to post about purchasing the All Black Vogue which was an Italian edition featuring solely models of color. Well, happy days are here again! Vogue has decided to do an online version of Vogue Black as it proved to be sooo popular. Bethann Hardison is the Editor-In-Chief, I get to understand. In addition to the Vogue Black, they have Vogue Curvy dedicated to the full figured gal. Controversy seems to be heating up in terms of inclusion vs segregation. In other words, why can't they just have more models of color in Vogue rather than segregating us. As for me, I'm happy that we are being recognized. As a collector of brown skinned fashion dolls, I was happy to see The Black Barbie Issue.
Stay tuned!