Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Well, I had a 49 hour layover in Bucharest. Let's just say that this isn't one of my favorite European countries. I am on the crew bus headed to the airport to return home. I'm the "A" FA and will be the entire month. What I will say is that this is the layover to come if you need complete rest. However, I found myself having a harf time falling asleep the 1st night we were there. Ambien and all, I fell asleep sometime after 6am local time. They are 7 hours ahead of EST. Then again, I didn't mention that once we landed, I hung out in a FA's room with the Cpt until about 1pm local time.By the time I got back to my room and slept, it was after 1pm which reulted in me waking up at 8pm or so local time. YIKES! I called my "B" and asked if she was awake. She was like "yeah! Come on over." I got dresses and went to her room and there were the 3 pilots and 4 other FAs. Mind you, this is a crew of 8 FAs and 3 pilots. They already came from eating dinner, so I ordered room service. Figured they couldn't go wrong w/lasagna al forno.Let's just say I didn't enjoy it. Anyhow, I'll continue later as I'm at the airport.

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