Monday, October 15, 2007

This is the face of chocolate!

Hey all!

I am trying to get back on the bandwagon of consistent blogging. It's been thwarted by me not remembering my password to access my account for remote blogging as well as taking forever to upload the pics from my digicam. While reading is cool, I think looking at pictures paint more than a thousand words. Let's begin...

My first trip to Paris, France was September 18, 2007. I somehow feel that I connect to this city most out of the European countries that I've been to. The people, the fashion... the whole vibe... it draws me in. My soul is at peace here... maybe I even feel a tad more chic??? LOL! I don't know what sort of pheromones I was emitting on this trip, but the men were on it, doggonit!!! The funny thing is that they were all caucasian!!! ...from the Americans on the plane going over and coming, to the "frenchmen" on the streets of Paris. The line on the flight (used by two different gentlemen) is, "Have you seen 'Hairspray?' They say once you taste chocolate, you never go back!" Hmmm... so this is the face of "chocolate!" I would be in the galley trying to do my work and they'd come back and "entertain" me. The other male flight attendant was like, "I don't know what you 'turned on", but you better flip the switch and turn it off!" I shot him the look of "Don't you dare leave me in the galley here by myself!" Tell you one thing, I won't EVA starve in Paris, France! That's fo' sho'! LOL!

We arrived sometime after 7am Paris time. Paris is six hours ahead of New York. I decided before venturing out to take a nap. Three hours later, I was up and dressed. I headed to the metro... Paris' version of NY's subway and decided to buy an all day pass as it was rainy. I took the train all the way to Champs Elysees and then walked all over Paris. Chile, I was thinking that the Sephora in Paris would be cheaper as they originated there, but no such luck! However, I bought this pretty blue liquid liner by Bourjois. To tell you the truth, Monoprix sells Bourjois cheaper. Monoprix which is a type of store that sells clothing and groceries. Sephora out there carries a lot of high end cosmetics that we would normally find at our high end department stores in the States like Neimans and Bergdorfs. Some examples are Laura Mercier, By Terry, Black Up, to name a few. Heck! They even carry MAC! There was so much to see and take in. I felt so.... alive. By the time I made my way to Galleries Lafayette, they were closing. Printemps which was next door was closing too! Boooo! I ended up taking the metro back to the hotel. (Shoulda just bought a round trip!) I went to get me some groceries at the Monoprix by the hotel... and back to my hotel I went. It was a nice first visit, but I already knew I was coming right back in a few days.. just had to scout out the territory.

Here are the remaining pics of my first of many visits.

My First Trip to Paris Pics

Wanna feel like you're really there? Peep the videos!

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