Monday, December 17, 2007

Hello from Athens, Greece!

Hey all!

I've arrived on my inaugural trip to Athens. I was the "A." It is currently 11:40am as I blog to you from the street. (NY is 7 hours behind.) As oppsed to my usual routine of power napping then going out, I felt wide awake and decided to start the day by going out straight away... Not to mention it looks a tad bleak and I have no umbrella. I am not one to tempt mother nature.

As I walk down the street headed to Monastiraki,a shopping area, I am approached by several street beggars. While I don't speak Greek,some body gestures and signs are universally the same. I don't think a shabbily dressed person holding an empty cup before you means that they'd like coffee. What disturbs me more are two little girls sitting about three feet apart from each other. They appear to be no more than 3-4 years old. Positioned on their knees with cups before them, they are begging. Where is their mother? I want to find her and give her "two lash in her tail!" How come these kids aren't in school? Why must they perpetuate this legacy of begging rather than going to school and making something of themselves? Anyhow, I've arrived at my destination. I'm just a lil' peeved that I went to church this weekend and left my camera in Papa's baby bag. Sounds like Athens has not heard the last of me yet!

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