Monday, October 15, 2007

Parisian Goodies!

Seems like I did a little more shopping in Paris on my 3rd visit. I simply LOVE charms and on a visit to Printemps, I spotted a counter selling Thomas Sabo charms. They are soooo adorable. Tons of charms and they clip onto a charm bracelet and even pendants. They can be put on and taken off as you please. I was sold.
I have a Tiffany bracelet that I have added my own charms to prior to them selling their charms at a ridiculous price of $125 a charm. Heck! I bought my bracelet for that price when I first got it back in the day. I think it now retails for $185.
From the top where it reads "Thomas": tan enamel slingback stiletto, matching tan enamel bag, Eiffel Tower, an airplane, plaque that reads "Je ne regrette rien" which means "I don't regret anything" in French (didn't know I spoke french, did you? LOL!), then there's the star that says "Glam Girl", then another plaque that has "Mama" in different languages with a little boy and girl on it with hearts, a shopping bag that says "Shopping Victim", a red stiletto and a shoe box that says "My Favorite Shoes."

The box with "My Favorite Shoes".... when you open the box... SURPRISE!

A tiny pair of shoes!

...and what's a visit to Paris without bon bons? Chocolates from Fauchon...

Well, off to work on those pics from Milan and Rome...

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