Friday, August 10, 2007

The Lace Revolution is being publicized!

I have to laugh when girls go out of their way to remove fliers and adverts for lace wigs. Have they not looked in the back of their latest black haircare magazines? When I was in London week before last at WHSmith's magazine stand, I looked in the back of Black Beauty and Hair and saw loads of adverts... all tooting natural hairlines. Some even called it a "lace weave".... they even advertised "Black American" style weaving and hair... obviously black Americans have access to the "good" hair.... lawdie! I remember my aunt who lives in London saying to me that they used to look to the Black Americans who could really do their makeup nicely. I just think it's funny, is all! Even here in the states, Hype Hair had articles on it and adverts in the back. WOW! The revolution is going all the way LIVE!!!!

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