Thursday, August 9, 2007

Why don't you just wear your own hair???

For me personally, this has got to be the most annoying question. Either my hair is always in a bun or I wear "phony ponies", wigs, hairpieces, etc. When I do wear my hair down, it's like, "Why don't you just wear your own hair?" I have several reasons:

1) I'm into healthy haircare, so that means no excessive heat, no coloring, nor excessive perming.
2) Versatility... I can wear different c
olors and textures without damaging my own hair
3) It's a form of protective styling for me....

Here are some of my pics without any additions...

I used to like to wear my hair braided, but I keep getti
ng major tangles. I go a good while in between relaxing (can we say 4+ months at a time!), so you better believe the poor hairdresser works hard for her money. As you can see, I'm repping for the Shaka Zulu tribe.. type 4a/4b... ain't no water wave hair up in hurrrr! LOL!

Before relaxer..... after relaxer and trim...

This is my favorite back shot... it has been my avatar on many haircare forums. This was taken November 2004.

This is the longest my hair has ever been December 2004. I really dropped off the meticulous haircare bandwagon...

My "pickney" moment!

I've done the "big chop" twice... back in the early 90s...1994 & 1996, to be exact.

All this to say... not all people that wear "fake" hair are bald... nor do they hate the texture of their hair... I love mine so much, that I want to protect it. As India Arie sings, "I am NOT my hair." My bachelor's degree had concentrations in Biology, Sociology and African Studies, so I don't need anyone to tell me about the socio-economic/ psychological impact of black women and their hair. Why do I wear "fake" hair? Because I WANT to... it's the freedom of choice that we are afforded living here in the good ole' USA.

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kpeggs said...

I feel you on that all the way. I have the same type of hair but it's not as long as yours. I've tried the natural thing for 2 years but it limited me to styles. and my hair grows super slow. so i feel like finally there's someone out there reppin us. We have African hair but like you said no water wave in sight. lol keep doing you girl