Thursday, August 9, 2007

Backing up a little... June 29- July 2, 2007

I had to back it up a tad to share some funny stories. OK, so I had to go to my brother-in-law's wedding in Jamaica. A lot of folks say the bride and I favor. Anyhow, I did her hair and makeup. The wedding took place at Sandals Negril and boy, was it hot and humid. Seeing like how I was wearing my lace wig that I've lovingly nicknamed "Naomi", I had to be sure ole' girl was in place! I used the Graftobian Spirit Gum as recommended by my girlfriend who also wears them as she faired well in hot weather with it. It held it just fine... no sliding. The bride's own hair is long, so my 22" Naomi made us look even more like sisters. The bride's girlfriends asked if I put in a couple of "pieces" as my hair own hair is a couple inches shy of my brastrap. I told them it was actually a wig and they were amazed and proceeded to get "up close and personal." I didn't mind. Why did one of the male workers come out and ask me "Miss, is that ALL of your hair?" I feigned dramatic "drag queen" shock and squealed while "clutching my imaginary pearls"... "Ohhhhh! You NEVER ask a woman if that's their real hair... that's like asking a woman her age... or if all her breasts are hers or if she's wearing a padded bra... or like a woman asking you if that's ALL you or do you stuff your underpants with socks!" He assured me, "It's all me!" to which I responded "I didn't ask you that, so that's not the point! It's the fact that someone would actually ask!" "I didn't mean to offend, but just wanted to say that your hair looks so pretty." "Thanks for the compliment!" I said as I moved on.... I did a wet spiral are pics. What I did learn my hasty wash and set that was done in Jamaica is that I should keep the rollers lower and not too high up on the head as it creates too much volume on the top and makes it look a tad wiggy, in my opinion. Can I tell you this? After a weekend in the hot, Jamaican sun... you can only imagine what my tan line looked like around my hairline... it did make future applications easier for the next few weeks as I knew EXACTLY where to put adhesive... LOL!
Here is the bride and I after a long hot and humid day.

These were the shoes worn for the special occasion... my Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby... this is the pair that was stolen from Carrie Bradshaw when she went to a baby shower on my favorite TV show "Sex and the City". The handbag is by
Faith and was bought on a layover in London. The grass was not kind to my babies as they continuously sunk in the grass. I quickly changed outta these bad boys into beach shoes!

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Shalona said...

You are right you and the bride do look! I love that dress and the shoes.....dem wicked!

luv ya girl- you're such a diva