Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The year has almost come to an end and such change has occurred in a short period of time. Most importantly, America has spoken loud and clear and has elected Barack Obama as it's first President of color. On election day, I got myself and the kids dressed as we march down to the election poll. The line snaked around the block, but it was "quick" and painless. We were done under an hour. While four year old Papa didn't understand the significance of the day, he was in line nonetheless, photograph taken so he could be shown down the line.

Numerous people have asked what's happened with the blog... I found that longer periods of time were going between entries without anything being entered all because I really like pictures to accompany my entry and I was not getting enough time to download them from my camera. Now I have a laptop that I take with me on trips, so their is really no excuse now.

Also, sadly terrorism has spread to Mumbai... the very hotel I stayed, the Taj Mahal, was attacked. See my August 10th entry from last year. Terrorists demanded US and UK citizens. Over 125 people were killed. Delta has halted operations there at this time until the civil unrest ceases. It's late, so I'll catch up with you... I've done the 8 day trip to Africa... Dakar, Senegal and Capetown, South Africa. I've also been to Nice, France... twice. Very nice... anyhow, to bed I go. Will catch up later.

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