Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tel Aviv, oy vey!

Steady wins the race... one by one, adding blog entries. I am now in Tel Aviv... making my inaugural visit. The time now is about 11:42pm local time. They are seven hours ahead of New York time. As usual, I was the head flight attendant and feel really blessed to have gotten this trip. We arrived sometime around 3-4pm local time. Upon arrival at the hotel, I and a few crew members got dressed and we headed off to the beach. The beach is literally across the street from the hotel. Although I was not prepared to swim, I frolicked a tad in the water which was actually quite warm. The beachside was fairly crowded by many whom I am told are vacationers, either from France or Italy... and those locals who might be on holiday. One gentleman introduced me to his son whom he says is doing modeling and dreams of going to the States to model. Yet for now, those dreams have to be put on hold until he is finished with his army training. I am told that it is mandatory for boys to devote three years of their life to being in the Israeli army. I was like. woooooooowwwwwww!!!! Myself having a young son, didn't like the idea of that.
Right now, I am quite tired as I've not slept as yet. I will be receiving a wakeup call in about 6 hours as I've arranged to take a tour of Bethlahem and Jerusalem... I too will walk the streets where Jesus walked as He went about His life here on this earth. I am looking forward to it, somewhat with awe... expectancy. I'll keep you posted! Good night!
(As always, pictures will follow!)

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