Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yes, it's been a long time...

I'm reaching you live and direct from Paris, my favorite city. So much has happened over the last few months. I've been back on the international scene for some time now and have been to the UK too many times to remember. May seems to have been the month of the UK tour/circuit... Edinburgh, Manchester, London-Heathrow, London-Gatwick... Next month I've got Shannon, Ireland... even after I distinctly preferenced NO IRELAND!!!!! I only do that as the trip isn't worth as much time as the other destinations that I've gone to. I am happy to announce that I picked up a Ghana for next month. The last time that I was supposed to go, the doctor said "NOPE!" due to acute sinusitis. This will be my first trip to the motherland Africa. Paris, as always, has been a frequent spot. I don't think I've done Italy this year at all. Time now in Paris is around 8:50pm. Although I was disappointed with July's schedule, there are other things to give thanks for. ONE-I have a job doing something I love. TWO-We do get a pay raise starting in July. THREE-We will also get premium pay for doing international... which is the majority of my trips. Sometimes you just have to see the silver lining in any situation and have an attitude of greatfulness. Thank you, Lord! I won't complain.

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